Consultation Service for Wood & Metal

Our reputation as industry leaders in our field for valiant projects is built on word-of-mouth referrals and a portfolio of projects which stand the test of time. We offer a rigorous four-step consultation process with a singular aim: to bring awe-inspiring concepts to life with tangible results. This service is best suited to architects, designers and visionaries looking for sophisticated expertise in interiors and quality finishes.



Seeking the expertise of an artisan to make your home or commercial space to the next level? As bespoke mixed-trades designers and manufacturers, we are here to bring your ambitious ideas to life, while remaining pragmatic in our approach. During the initial consultation (of up to 1.5 hours), we discuss design, product innovation, sustainability, materials and pricing. Our aim is to create in a spirit of collaboration with shared intentions, and clarity around workflow, timeframes and budgets.


In the next stage, we produce an itemised proposal detailing our custom-made wood or metal design solutions. This proposal is based on extensive research, conversations with our suppliers, and an exploration of the prototyping necessary to achieve your end goals. While we offer premium advice, we strive to ensure our end-to-end service is accessible, with over-and-above value. We also offer the flexibility of fixed-rate packages or hourly rates.


Once our proposal is approved and a deposit made, we progress to the crucial stage of manufacturing based on meticulous specifications, measurements and drawings. Whether we are crafting joinery, decorative pieces or tailor-made cabinetry, our products emerge from the page at our workshop in the Northern Rivers. We are passionate about resisting the ordinary – and our projects exemplify this approach.


We deliver or install your tailor-made project Australia-wide, aligned to our ethos of luxury, beauty and functionality. Our handcrafted furniture, unlike off-the-shelf products, can take weeks to complete, and this is to be expected for the fine quality you will enjoy. Ultimately, as elite craftsmen, our goal is to create intense moments of satisfaction for clients, with “that’s exactly what I wanted” a typical response we get.

Consultation services start are charged on a package or hourly rate, and the service fees may be redeemable upon confirming you would like us to proceed with the manufacturing of this same product.

One of many examples: a vine-style design for a balustrade. Location: Auckland, New Zealand


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