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Project: Steel Windows for Thomas’ Graduation Project

Bespoke steel windows design and manufacturing project as part of Thomas’ graduation assessment from Les Compagnon du Devoir.

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Meter square


Project Details

Similarly to Laurent
, Thomas studied for eight years at prestigious French trades university, The Companions of Duty (French: “Les Compagnon du Devoir”) to become a master blacksmith and metal fabricator (French: “Serrurier-Métallier”).

Part of the graduation process is to complete a “masterpiece” to show Thomas is spiritually, intellectually and technically ready to become a Compagnon.

It was agreed by his Compagnon elders that Thomas’ final graduation masterpiece was to design and manufacture a set of new windows and that would be put to use in one of their facilities located in Muizon, in the Champagne region of France.

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double glazed stainless steel window design. exterior view
External view
double glazed stainless steel window design. CAD drawings
Auto CAD design

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