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Project: Wrought Iron Candelabra

Wrought iron candelabra commissioned by a local architect and builder for a luxury home on the Belongil beach front in Byron Bay.

Price Starts at

Meter square


Project Details

The brief from our client was to create a similar candelabra that was featured hanging above the Chamber of the Painted Table in Dragonstone from Game of Thrones.

candelabra Game of Thrones
A scene from Dragonstone’s Chamber of the Painted Table. Source: fandom.com

The result is a three-tiered 26-candle chandelier, 1700mm diameter, weighing 80-100kg.

An in-house rusted finish was applied and finished with a rust-neutralising coating.

Candles aren’t necessarily a practical solution on an ocean breeze, however this candelabra is still to be fitted with LED strip lights on the inside of the rings and a motorised lowering system. Medieval style blended with modern functionality.

We can’t wait for it to be installed!

Candelabra Design Process

Candelabra design
Converting the client’s concept (top left) into a practical plan

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