Steel Doors and Windows Now Exclusively Available

Located in the heart of the Byron Shire, we are pleased to announce that we are the exclusive supplier and manufacturer of steel door and windows between Sydney & Brisbane.

Steel frame windows and doors add an unmistakable feature in any abode. Sleek lines and expansive panes of glass provide minimal obstruction to surrounding views.

Opening a steel door feels just like a new sports car, there is an instant sense of luxury the moment you pull the handle.

steel doors Byron Bay

RP Technik has been established in Europe since 1906 and has now expanded into Australian markets following its sterling reputation for quality.

“I am so excited that RP Technik is now available in Australia as they are one of the world’s most sought-after steel joinery brands. Their wide range of products are a dream to work with and can be fabricated into a range of modern or heritage designs with exceptional detailing in the finishes.”


Head of our metal department and business partner, Thomas De Toni, has years of experience working with steel joinery profiles while in Europe.

Thomas fabricating RP Technik windows at our workshop

Let’s take a look at the benefits

We offer a fully inclusive design and manufacturing service for all steel joinery projects:

  • face-to-face consultation
  • design with CAD drawings
  • in-house fabrication
  • finishes (powder coating, glazing)
  • delivery and installation
custom steel french doors

Private residence in Bangalow (above).

Learn more details about these French doors here


Design flexibility

The strength of steel allows our profiles to be the slimmest product on the market. This makes for clean lines on expansive panes of glass providing minimal obstruction to panoramic surrounds.

Steel profiles are available in six metre lengths and can be shaped for each unique project.

Layout Options

Projects include:

  • sliding, hinged, pivot and French doors
  • tilt-turn, hinged, sliding or fixed windows
  • awnings
  • greenhouses
  • curtain walls and partitions
Curved French doors with fixed frame

Beading over putty

We screw in each glass pane with steel beading for a solid finish.

Steel putty which is an alternative option for some others can easily fade and crack when exposed to the hot Australian sun in as little as one year. Beading is also the healthiest choice as it is asbestos-free and lead-free.

Neat corners

steel door frame

We don’t use riveted nor screwed systems for frame or beading construction.

Mitred corners and seamlessly finished welds on frames make a strong and detailed finish.

Low Maintenance 

All systems are finished in a three-step process of sandblasting, zinc priming and powdercoating for maximum protection.

Powdercoating has a warranty for up to 30 years removing the need for regular maintenance painting. You can read more here about Dulux Steel Shield Powdercoating.

The only cleaning required is on the glass to maintain shine and a wet dusting over the framework and handles.


Steel is more than three times stronger than aluminium therefore provides superior resistance to burglary, forced impact, sound and the environment.

RP Technik is certified according to OHSAS 18001 and ISO 9001 International Standards.

Weather and environment

Profiles have options for environmental and safety barriers

Hot and cold

With innovative thermal barriers and options of double-glazed and hermetic profiles, steel doors and windows will reduce your energy bills in both summer and winter.

Steel inherently is less likely to expand or contract like aluminium in adverse temperatures which leads to joints cracking. It will also not bow nor twist like timber does in humid and dry weather. Steel remains stable throughout its enduring lifespan.

Bushfire ratings

Profiles can offer Flame Zone ratings for Australian Bushfire Attack Ratings Level (BAL FZ) providing the highest possible level of safety in a bushfire.

Learn more about this on NSW Rural Fire Service’s website or consult your architect.


Steel is 100% termite and borer proof.


It is commonly known that steel frames can outlast an entire timber-framed building structure.

Once steel has reached the end of its life it can be recycled.


This style of joinery originated in the early 1900s and were commonplace for homes, warehouses and greenhouses across the developed world.

Chic restorations of edgy industrial lofts and apartments from Europe and North America led to a stylish resurgence with the help of endless lifestyle media presence.

Friends Monica's apartment window
The one where they hang by Monica’s steel window. Image: NBC

For many years the Australian joinery market has been dominated by aluminium and timber, but steel is now making a dramatic return.

steel window australia

Next steps


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Most frequent questions and answers

Steel Joinery Design


Customised designs are the only style of steel door we make. We are a small business and focus on tailored solutions for individual needs.

You are introducing yourself because you adore the look of our steel doors and windows. You captured our interest with your thoughtful conversation starter in the form of architectural plans. This could be the start of a great relationship because our steel joinery is the perfect pairing of sexy and smart.

Specified architectural plans are preferred as they are already set out with information for our tailor-made products:

  1. top and side views
  2. layout and configurations
  3. door and window schedules specifying types of:
    • glass
    • paints
    • hardware, locks, handles, and
    • when required: BASIX and building code requirements
Door schedule
Door schedule example


Don’t despair! If your job is too small to warrant using an architect or designer, it is attainable for you to have a bit of fun doing your homework to gather most of this same information. Additionally, send a reference image you found on the net – a picture paints a thousand words.

There are limited bi-fold hardware products available in the Australian marketplace in which we are confident to endorse.

We are currently researching and prototyping a small sample of hardware brands for bi-fold steel door configurations.  

Sign up to our newsletter for updates as to when they become available.

Yes, we can.

If you are budget-conscious, we recommend using steel joinery for the featured areas of your home and consider other options for the utilitarian areas.  

Steel Joinery delivery and installation

Our first step in our quoting process is to use your provided measurements using our request form (below).

Once you have confirmed the job and paid the deposit:

  1. if we are installing the job: we have already allowed in our pricing for travel time to measure up accurately onsite.
  2. if we are not installing the job: we rely on accurate final measurements from your builder or carpenter. If your site is in the Byron Shire, we may be able to measure up onsite depending on the scale of the job and our workload.

Due to the incredibly high demand of this product, it is highly recommended you contact us as soon as you receive your architectural plans.

We do not mass produce nor pre-fabricate our joinery. We manufacture everything from scratch so lead times may take 2+ months from point of accepting the quote, however this may be negotiated upon and subject to product selections, scale, our workload and your own deadline.

Best practice is confirming your job by paying a deposit during the first stage of construction which will lock in your job.

Read more: our COVID business update

If you do not require installation, we can offer an Australia-wide third-party freight company to transport goods or you can organise your own collection from our Mullumbimby workshop.

Delivery is included our installation estimates.

Our workshop is in Mullumbimby, near Byron Bay, Northern NSW.

Our staff can travel to install within a two-hour drive from our workshop. All delivery and installation by our staff may incur fees that relate to:

  • vehicle expenses
  • staff/contractor time charged on an hourly rate, and/or
  • accommodation and meal expenses (subject to installation duration and distance from our workshop)

We do not recommend DIY or handyman installation.

You can arrange your own experienced and qualified builder or carpenter to install on your behalf. A minimum of two people is required for installation. 


  • Bolts, screws and all accessories will come with your frames
  • Ancillary supporting frames and packaging may be included where deemed appropriate
  • Glazing is optional. Clients may have access to their own local glass shop. Please specify this upon quoting


  • Installation tools
  • Installation instructions are not included but we can give your experienced tradesman advice, if required

Steel Joinery FINANCIALS

Why is your price different to other quotes?

We find that pricing against others is often a case of not comparing apples with apples. Please consider if other quotes detail:

  • Custom manufacturing vs mass production
  • Steel vs aluminium glazing beads
  • Australian made
  • Reputation and quality control
  • Freight
  • Glazing and hardware inclusions
  • Technical levels of frames

We offer competitive pricing for steel doors and windows and will soon be offering three different framing options within our steel joinery range to suit every clients’ needs.

If you are not sure 100% sure about the details in your quotes, please email them to us for comparison.

We stagger all our progress payments as follows:

  1. 50% of in-house materials and manufacturing costs, security deposit, time spent quoting and preparing your job. Due upon confirmation of booking. This is non-refundable.
  2. 50% of in-house materials and manufacturing costs. Due upon completion of in-house manufacturing and prior to delivery.
  3. 100% of delivery costs. If applicable, due before delivery.
  4. 100% of installation costs + variations. If applicable, due upon completion of installation.

The abovementioned payments may be subject to further payment increments, (i.e., weekly progress, variations, etc.) if we deem the job large.

Information is key. The more information we have, the more definitive we are in our pricing for our customised products.

We will provide a quote with a firm price once all information is at hand.

We will provide an estimate if we have most of the information yet still lacks minor details. Estimates may present as a price range as we are making a budgetary allowance for variations which still need to be confirmed at a later point.

If you still do not have enough information for us to do estimate, we will postpone pricing until enough information is gathered.

Customised steel doors and windows are to most tastes but not necessarily to all budgets.

We are here to have an open conversation about finding solutions for each clients’ requirements. Fitting into budget ranges is a critical part of the equation. We offer a range of product options and if we do not know how much has been allowed (or not allowed) in budgets, we will not know how to find the right solution.

All our products are currently tailored to suit individual requirements. Values can be aligned with bespoke quality timber joinery.

We aim to release our catalogue price guide in 2021. Sign up to our newsletter for updates.

Please fill in the form below and we will follow up with an estimate price range based off your own requirements.