Terms and Conditions

“We” and “us” refers to MullumJoinery Wood & Metal Pty Ltd (MWM) and Legacy of the Antipodes (LOTA), ABN 93615778400. “You” and “your” refers to any client and/or agents acting on behalf of the client.



  • Progress payments includes:
    1. 50% of in-house materials and manufacturing costs, deposit, time spent quoting and preparing your job. 100% for any costs associated with sub-contracted tradespeople (due upon confirmation of booking). This is non-refundable.
    2. 50% of in-house materials and manufacturing costs (due upon completion of in-house manufacturing and prior to delivery).
    3. 100% of delivery costs (if applicable, due following delivery on-site).
    4. 100% of installation costs based on hourly rate + any extra costs for changes (if applicable, due upon completion of installation).
    5. the abovementioned payments may be subject to further division over time-based instalments, (e.g., weekly) if we consider it a large-scale job.
  • When the quote is accepted online using our accounting software’s instructions which will be emailed to you, we will send you the first invoice relating to the payment of this deposit which include our payment options. Materials will be ordered for your job following receipt of deposit payment.
  • All payments are due upon receipt. Interest on late payments will be charged at: 7-14 days: 10%; 15 to 30 days: 15%; beyond 30 days: 20%. All goods remain the property of us until paid for in full. Additional fees may also apply.
  • Unless otherwise stated in quote, prices do not include:
    • other trades: e.g. carpentry, tiling/splashbacks, electricity or plumbing;
    • overtime, loading or penalty rates;
    • installation or delivery; or
    • appliances, hardware or installation of integrated appliances.

Completed Works

Your signature is required upon receiving goods to ensure they are in good working order and to specification at time of agreeing to quote.

Collecting Goods 

  • Collection is available by advance booking once payments have cleared. Bookings can be made Tuesday to Friday between 9.00am – 4.00pm (excluding public holidays and weekends).
  • If goods are being collected, they need to be collected from within seven days of the notified date. Following these seven days, if goods haven’t been picked up in full, we will charge a storage fee at a rate of $100/week incl GST.


If premise is not ready for installation of job on the mutually agreed date, we will either:

  1. Deliver goods to premises if there is appropriate storage available. We will return on a suitable date to complete installation. We cannot be held responsible for the repair or replacement costs if stored goods are damaged during storage period; or
  2. Store related goods at our workshops at a rate of $100/week incl GST until a suitable installation date is organised.

Reasons why premises may not be ready for installation may include:


  1. Other tradesmen not completing their required part(s) in a timely manner;
  2. Obstruction and/or deemed unsafe conditions to access, egress, or work on site;
  3. Adverse weather, site or road conditions; 
  4. Any restrictions relating to pandemics;
  5. Changed or inaccurately provided information by any party relating to: site plans, measurements and/or other fittings located at the premises; and/or

We cannot be held responsible for any delays outside of our scope of work.


  • Variations to quoted work will incur additional costs at a basic hourly rate of $90 + GST, plus any costs of associated materials.


  • You agree to give us publishing rights for any photographs or videos taken at our workshop or onsite. These photos will only be used for marketing materials.

Development, Strata, Construction and Building Approvals

  • Where applicable, you are responsible for all planning approvals with government departments, body corporate, landlords, and/or other regulatory bodies before commencement of work.
  • Any amendments to quotes or drawings that need to adhere to regulations or codes will be charged on an hourly rate.


  • If your project is cancelled by you, the invoice which covers the cost of materials is non-refundable.
  • If your project has commenced, we will send a final invoice for the number of hours spent working on your job plus any outstanding materials costs.

Change of Terms

  • We reserve the right to change the terms and conditions from time to time to reflect changes to the law or changes to our services. We request that customers review the terms on a regular basis.

If at any time you would you like to check any of these details, please send our Directors an email.


Most frequent questions and answers

Steel Joinery Design


Customised designs are the only style of steel door we make. We are a small business and focus on tailored solutions for individual needs.

We primarily partner with industry professionals like architects, interior designers and builders who would provide in the first instance complete specifications to quote from.  


If you are not an industry professional and the scope of your project is too small to warrant using an architect or designer, it is entirely attainable for you to do your own homework to gather enough of this similar information. Additionally, send a reference image you found on the net: “a picture paints a thousand words”.


Regardless of your level of experience, we require all clients to fully complete our enquiry form plus ensure all of the following information is provided in drawings:

  1. top and front/elevation views
  2. measurements
  3. position of mullions (cross bars)
  4. configuration of openings (hinges, sliding tracks, fixed panels, etc)

Due to a large amount of sales requests, we have a strict policy of not pricing projects until all information is completed.

Steel door schedule
Door schedule example

There are limited bi-fold hardware products available in the Australian marketplace in which we are confident to endorse.

We are currently researching and prototyping a small sample of hardware brands for bi-fold steel door configurations.  

Sign up to our newsletter for updates as to when they become available.

Yes, we can.

If you are budget-conscious, we recommend using steel joinery for the featured areas of your home and consider other options for the utilitarian areas.  

Steel joinery delivery & installation

Our first step in our quoting process is to use your provided measurements using our request form.

Once you have confirmed the job and paid the deposit:

  1. if we are installing the job: we have already allowed in our pricing for travel time to measure up accurately onsite.
  2. if we are not installing the job: we rely on accurate final measurements from your builder or carpenter. If your site is in the Byron Shire, we may be able to measure up onsite depending on the scale of the job and our workload.

Due to the incredibly high demand of this product, it is highly recommended you contact us as soon as you receive your finalised architectural plans.

We do not mass produce nor pre-fabricate our joinery. We manufacture everything from scratch so lead times may take 2+ months from point of accepting the quote, however this may be negotiated upon and subject to product selections, scale, our workload and your own deadline.

Best practice is confirming your job by paying a deposit during the first stage of construction which will lock in your job.

Read more: our COVID business update

If you do not require installation, we can offer an Australia-wide third-party freight company to transport goods or you can organise your own collection from our Mullumbimby workshop.

Delivery is included our installation estimates.

Our workshop is in Mullumbimby, near Byron Bay, Northern NSW.

Our staff can travel to install

  • within a two-hour drive from our workshop e.g. (Brisbane, Coffs Harbour)
  • in cities directly connected to Ballina-Byron Airport (or Gold Coast Airport subject to COVID-related border restrictions)

All delivery and installation by our staff may incur fees that relate to:

  • vehicle, travel and/or freight expenses,
  • staff/contractor time charged on an hourly rate, and/or
  • accommodation and meal expenses (subject to installation duration and distance from our workshop)

We do not recommend DIY or handyman installation.

You can arrange your own experienced and qualified builder or carpenter to install on your behalf. A minimum of two people is required for installation. 


  • Bolts, screws and all accessories will come with your frames
  • Ancillary supporting frames and packaging may be included where deemed appropriate
  • Glazing is optional. Clients may have access to their own local glass shop. Please specify this upon quoting


  • Installation tools
  • Installation instructions are not included but we can give your experienced tradesman advice, if required

Steel Joinery FINANCIALS

Steel joinery is to most tastes and often not to most budgets. There are three main reasons why our products fetch a high price, especially when drawing comparisons to other metal joinery products.

  1. We only offer the highest standard of craftsmanship. We present a solutions-based, holistic approach to design and fabrication. This is evident in the detail of our work and supported by our reputation.
  2. We only make custom steel joinery that is unique and tailored for luxury architectural and heritage remediation projects. We do not manufacture off-the-shelf products.
  3. Steel is overall an expensive commodity (don’t forget to allow for the cost of glass on top).


Secondary factors to consider with custom steel joinery

  • Size of frames
  • Design details
  • Finishes including paint, hardware systems, handles, glazing
  • Manufacturing hours
  • Economy of scale

We do not make standard products, therefore, we do not issue standard prices. If you like to receive a price for your bespoke project, please fully complete this enquiry form.

Why is your price different to other quotes?

We find that pricing against others is often a case of not comparing apples with apples. Please consider if other quotes detail:

  • Custom manufacturing vs mass production
  • Steel vs aluminium glazing beads
  • Australian made
  • Reputation and quality control
  • Freight
  • Glazing and hardware inclusions
  • Technical levels of frames

We offer competitive pricing for steel doors and windows and will soon be offering three different framing options within our steel joinery range to suit every clients’ needs.

If you are not sure 100% sure about the details in your quotes, please email them to us for comparison.

We stagger all our progress payments as follows:

  1. 50% of in-house materials and manufacturing costs, security deposit, time spent quoting and preparing your job. Due upon confirmation of booking. This is non-refundable.
  2. 50% of in-house materials and manufacturing costs. Due upon completion of in-house manufacturing and prior to delivery.
  3. 100% of delivery costs. If applicable, due before delivery.
  4. 100% of installation costs + variations. If applicable, due upon completion of installation.

The abovementioned payments may be subject to further payment increments, (i.e., weekly progress, variations, etc.) if we deem the job large.

Information is key. The more information we have, the more definitive we are in our pricing for our customised products.

We will provide a quote with a firm price once all information is at hand.

We will provide an estimate if we have most of the information yet still lacks minor details. Estimates may present as a price range as we are making a budgetary allowance for variations which still need to be confirmed at a later point.

If you still do not have enough information for us to do estimate, we will postpone pricing until enough information is gathered.

Customised steel doors and windows are to most tastes but not necessarily to all budgets.

We are here to have an open conversation about finding solutions for each clients’ requirements. Fitting into budget ranges is a critical part of the equation. We offer a range of product options and if we do not know how much has been allowed (or not allowed) in budgets, we will not know how to find the right solution.